What to Pack in your Diaper Bag

As a mom of a toddler my diaper bag has actually gotten pretty light since the older my little man gets the less he needs! But with a new baby that will soon be here I thought I would re-create my diaper bag checklist!

I recently purchased a new diaper bag off of amazon and I’m so obsessed with it. It is exactly what I was looking for. A backpack style that didn’t look babyish and wasn’t too big.so now that you have your diaper bag here are what you are gonna want to have on hand!

  1. Diapers and wipes! I mean that probably has to be the most important. Your little baby bum can’t sit in a dirty diaper while your out!
  2. Bottles and formula if you aren’t breastfeeding and are going to be out for a while or during eating times.
  3. A Muslin blanket. I am obsessed with these blankets bc they are so versatile. Need a light blanket? A cover for breastfeeding? Something for baby to snuggle or to lay over the car seat to keep out the sun or unwanted hands. This blanket can do it all!
  4. Extra clothes. Blowouts happen, be prepared! Trust me
  5. Toys/Paci. Meltdowns happen and sometimes a distraction is key!
  6. A wet bag is always nice to have Incase of blowouts mentioned before or you just need somewhere to put those dirty/wet clothes. The diaper bag I purchased comes with one!
  7. Lastly have snacks for yourself! I like to keep granola bars or gold fish (toddler fav), along with Arbonne fizz sticks for pick me ups and energy boosts! Fizz sticks are the perfect replacement for coffee, pop, and energy drinks and won’t cause your sugar to spike. Oh and their loaded with b vitamins!This is pretty minimal and basic list. I sometimes will throw in a few extras like bags for dirty diapers and lotion and rash cream. But having multi taskers really helps you from lugging around a super heavy bag!!

Xoxo Erin

Find fix sticks and protein bars here: ErinTrevathan.arbonne.com 💚💚💚💚

Who’s Ready for Christmas?

Hello friends! I know I have been gone for a while. I plan on getting back to a schedule here soon! We did a lot of traveling this past month visiting family and getting prepared for the arrival of our baby.

What you missed? I didn’t get to have the gender reveal I would have liked and I hope I don’t regret it. But I just don’t have friends or family where we live to help me out. So I’m super excited to announce that we are expecting a baby girl!!!

So who’s ready for Christmas?! I can’t wait! Though all I want is baby girl stuff. Can you say bring on the bows?!?!?

That’s a slight catch up and I will get back to it very soon! I’m starting a breakfast club nutrition group that starts Saturday but I’m waiting on my products I ordered to arrive so I’ll be starting a bit late. If you are interested in more information on joining please let me know!!!

Xoxo erin

How Arbonne has Changed my Life..

I started my business and journey with Arbonne just a couple short months ago and I don’t see myself looking back. It has been such a positive thing for me and everyone else who has been on their Arbonne journey. First and foremost the team and women who surround me are encouraging, positive, and inspiring. It is truly hard to have bad days when you know you have people looking out for you. This was a big thing for me because I live in a town with no friends or family and it gets very lonely.

Second it is so easy! Like I said before I rarely get out of my house and so I don’t get to meet people very often and I am still successful. I have the opportunity to make a paycheck every Tuesday! And Arbonne is a gift, which makes you feel good about what I am sharing. Third the products are second to none and sell themselves. Arbonne is the #1 brand globally for healthy living inside and out. We carry something for everyone. From babies, to older people, men and women alike. Skincare, Nutrition, and makeup. And I’m not just reading statistics, I use everything myself and will never go back. Arbonne is pure, safe, and beneficial so you can feel good about using it. We ban over 2,000 ingredients to provide our clients with the most clean and beneficial products and they work wonders! I’ve seen major weight loss in a healthy way, muscle building, and watched my own skin be clearer than ever! Plus I feel good about using everything while pregnant. I wrote this post because if you are like I was maybe you could use some extra money, or are a stay at home parent who wants something for themselves, or maybe you just want to start clean living and detoxify your life. I am here for you! I started this just to not feel guilty when I get carried away at target and now I am happier and more positive and have goals to grow and get my Mercedes!

Where ever you are in your life let me show you how you can grow something extra! Message me, email me, find me on Instagram (erinrenaemua) or Facebook (Erin Trevathan ) and I would love to share more! Join my team, try the products or both!! There is no downside, I promise! xoxo erin

October Boxycharm 🍂

Hello friends! Who is ready for the holidays? I am so excited and love Halloween but I am even more excited for thanksgiving and Christmas!!! We travel for the holidays and it always makes me excited!

Anywho, what did we think about this months boxycharm? This was a great box but I think I’m getting a little bored with it. Is it just me?? This month I received a Kat Von d liquid lip, makeup removing balm, a Pur cosmetics face palette, an it cosmetic mascara and a lace face mask. All the products were great but I feel so uninspired.

It is definitely worth the money. You get great products but let’s be honest, are we not drowning in liquid lipsticks that are in shades we don’t love? And eyeshadow palettes that are lack luster except when we do happen to get a Pur palette? And me personally I hate getting face masks. I never use them with the exception of this one just so it’s not wasted.

Hopefully next month will inspire me but for now I will be waiting and hopeful. I love my boxycharm posts but I’m not sure they are here to stay!

Xoxo erin

Week 14 bumpdate!

Second trimester! Hallelujah! My morning sickness is finally going away and my appetite is starting to come back. You have no idea how much I have missed eating haha. My next doctor appointment I should find out what I’m having. I’m so excited. Though I’m pretty sure I’m having a girl, it’s my gut feeling. I’m treating myself to my favorite Cajun place tonight for dinner. I have been trying to get it for weeks! So excited that is finally going down.

I still have gained no weight and just look bloated. I’d rather be starting to show just so I don’t look chunky lol. It’s so weird for your clothes to not fit or look good but you don’t look pregnant. Looking forward to my belly and also excited for the major nutrition changes I’ll be doing to lose weight and get my pre baby body back. I’ll keep you updated and you can join the journey with me if you want!!

In other news I am absolutely in love with the Arbonne products. They work so amazingly and I feel good about using them because they are natural and science based. Can we say #Pure. My skin is really turning around! ErinTrevathan.arbonne.com click here to check out all the amazing products and message me to learn more and save 20%!

Xoxo erin

New Journey – New Business

Hello Friends! I am so excited to share this new adventure I am going on with you. As you probably know I am pregnant and I was doing weekly updates but the past few weeks have been incredibly difficult. Pregnancy is hard!! I have been so insanely sick and can barely eat which makes me super tired. It was gross and boring so I decided not to write about it. But yesterday I took a leap of faith and started my own business.maxresdefault

I had watched a girl on Instagram for a while talk casually about products she was using and loved and after months of consideration and research I decided that it was a journey I was ready for. Being a stay at home mom makes me a little crazy sometimes and sometimes I feel guilty. Its not an easy job but I still felt I should try and contribute to helping make some extra money in our house. So I have joined Arbonne. If you are like me and never heard of this it is because it is still relatively unknown in the US but it should be!Arbonne_1thumb-40ca67f12ddd4a6cbafba50201cae1d4

Arbonne is a science based company who believes in creating botanically based powerful and pure products. These products are the best you can get all while being free of GMO’s, parabens, soy, whey, gluten, animal testing, waste and so much more! I am truly blown away by how amazing this company is and how well the products work.Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 10.00.26 AM

I of course will continue to keep you updated on what my favorite products are and my healthy, green journey. I wanted to write this post because I truly beleive in the values and products of the company and it needs to be shared!

PLEASE email me, message me, tweet me with any questions regarding nutrition and health which I have my masters degree in or questions about makeup and skincare which I have worked in for the past 10 years! IMG_0409

Check out products for yourself and let me know! erintrevathan.arbonne.com

xoxo Erin

Boxy Charm (BOXY LUXE) Wild Flower- September 2018

Hello Friends! I have been on a bit of a break because of being so dang sick! This baby is determined to take all my food and all my energy but I definitely got a boost with the arrival of my Boxy Luxe box.

First I want to talk about the launch of Boxy Luxe. It was a bit messy. I think it’s crazy for the company to not think they would have the amount of traffic they did especially with how much they hyped it up. I am beyond grateful I did get thru and received the box. I didn’t think I did at first. It wasn’t until hours later my bestie told me that we did in fact make it on the list!! Talk about an emotional day. Any who lets jump into the goods!

IMG_6607Here she is in all her glory. Let me just say it is so much better in person. I don’t think I have ever been so excited for a box! IMG_6610First up I  received the Park Ave Princess Chisel Palette from tarte. It is stunning and smells like chocolate which is oh so delicious. The shades blend like a dream with amazing pigment and super creaminess. This would also double as a great quick neutral eye palette! MSRP – 45$

Next pictured is the Pretty Vulgar Nightingale Smokey Eyeshadow Palette. This is a very pretty neautral palette in which you can create multiple looks. It has nice pigment and blends well. There are also chocolately colors as well as greys. MSRP – 35$

Lastly pictured is the Girlactik Skin Glow Duo. I was really excited about this at first but I do wish I would have gotten the Laura Gellar blush instead now. This is a cream highlight and just doesn’t pack the punch that I love but I will have to keep playing with it to see if I can change my mind. MSRP – 26$

IMG_6609Next up I received the Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-wrinkle Booster Serum. I am sooo excited about this serum. I am die hard for the lancome genifique but it is crazy expensive. I am hoping to love this product just as much and maybe have a new favorite serum. Also happy I received the serum instead of the moisturizer because I am currently drowning in moisturizers. lol Juice Beauty is a great all natural, cruelty free brand and I may have to grab more products! MSRP – 80$

Pictured in the middle is the Sol De Janeiro Ipanema Sunset Glow Oil. This of course smells so amazing like everything else they make and leaves skin with a very natural glow. I thought it would be over the top but it’s really perfect even if you aren’t super tan like moi. MSRP – 35$

Lastly pictured is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water in the scent centering citrus. It does smell good and leave the skin refreshed but I’m not sure yet if it does anything as a primer. Further testing will have to be done. MSRP – 32$

IMG_6611Who isn’t excited to get brushes?? I have a ton and I always want more. I honestly wanted to purchase these alamar Ojitos brushes just on how cute they are with that green. Lucky for me I thought they would show up in a boxy charm box eventually, so I waited. They are super soft and apply shadow beautifully but I do prefer a natural hair brush for blending. MSRP – 18$

As for this Luxie 732 Airbrush Foundation Brush… well let’s just talk about luxury! It is so soft and my foundation is blended like a dream. It is pricey but OMG it is so amazing. New favorite for sure! MSRP – 38$IMG_6612Lastly in the box I received R+Co High Dive Moisture Shine Cream. I haven’t tried this out yet so the verdict is out still. But I’m not a huge fan of hair products. I will give it a fair chance tho. MSRP – 16$

I got the Lorac Pro Liquid Lipstick. I’m so obsessed with this true red shade. Nude colors just don’t look great on me and I’m all about bold lips. That makes a statement that I love. MSRP – 19$

Last in the picture is the Vintage Cosmetic Company Dolly Bow Make-up Headband. Perfect for keeping your hair back as you clean your skin, apply makeup, or relax with a face mask. MSRP – 4.99$

Oh and don’t forget that super cute tote! That was unexpected. If you weren’t keeping that is a value of $348.99. That is just amazing and So exciting! Boxycharm slays the game again!

xoxo Erin