The Most Realistic Hospital Pack List

Hello Everyone!

I’ve seen so many posts about what to pack in your labor bag or hospital bag. Whatever you want to call it, the lists are ridiculous!! They are so long and contain so many items! Of course you want to be comfortable and don’t want to forget anything that you may need but from my experience this is the best list and all I will bring next time around.

I just gave birth 2 weeks before initially writing this post and I have learned a lot of things in those 2 weeks. When I asked my doctor what I should bring he literally told me to bring some toiletries and clothes to go home in and a go home outfit for the baby. That is it!! Like most first time moms I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed, especially after reading countless other blogs of moms who had multiple kids. Surely they new what all I needed to bring right?!  I packed fairly lightly, a combination of what my doctor told me and what I read online.

The following is my list of what you should pack. Nothing more is needed. Remember you are going to a hospital, they have the necessities.

I packed:

– an outfit for baby to come home in

– 2 comfortable outfits for mom. I was happy to get out of the hospital gown when I was able too! And comfy mom underwear, the pads you will end up using are huge!

– Basic toiletries- shampoo, conditioner, soap, hairbrush, and some makeup

– Snacks- I packed ritz cheese crackers and pineapple juice

– Electronics- phone, computer, ipad

– Clothes for dad


I had a diaper bag packed which we left in the car. I also had my breast pump, which we also left in the car. I promise you this is all I needed and I could actually remove things if needed. You may want other things to make you comfortable and such but it is not necessary! The hospital has everything baby will need during his stay and pretty much everything mom will need too! This is of course my experience, which was extremely pleasant and I wouldn’t change a thing! They kept me well fed and had everything I could need. I was comfortable and the nurse staff was amazing.

I really didn’t need to bring my computer, I watched Netflix until my computer died and then I just watched the tv in the room. My husband watched shows on his tablet while I was sleeping before giving birth to our beautiful son. My husbands clothes actually took up more room than my things in our bag! The only other thing I could have brought was an extra pillow. The hospital was packed with ladies giving birth so extra pillows were not readily available since they were being used.

Overall I needed nothing for baby except a going home outfit. I am glad to have brought my breast pump so that any questions I may have had. Next time I will not bring electronics except my phone unless I plan on writing but when you are having a baby just focus on yourself and not work for a moment! The hospital really should have everything you need except some clothes and a few toiletries. Don’t get caught up in over packing. You are not going to need all of that junk!!!


Please leave me comments about your experience and thoughts. I would love to hear from you!!!

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