Mommy Deals

There are lots of great, amazing deals out there waiting for new moms/moms to be. And you should take them!!!! Don’t miss out! Most only take a few minutes and are totally worth the benefits!Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 1.41.50 PM

First let’s talk about baby registries:

Target- make a baby registry at target and then head to your nearest target to pick up your goody bag!! It is a small reusable tote filled with useful things for baby and mom. Mine came with a MAM Anti-Colic Bottle, The Honest Company Diapers and wipes, target baby wipes, samples of lotion, baby wash, baby clothes wash, boogie wipes, and a starbucks coupon for mom! It was definitely the best goody bag of them all!

Babies R Us- This one I don’t think is worth the free goodies they give you. It is just some coupons… BUT it is still totally worth it! I registered mostly at target but all of my big ticket items like furniture and stroller at babies r us. In registering I signed up for babies r us rewards and after purchasing those large items off my registry I got rewarded handsomely! I got 100$ free to spend at babies r us!!! I got so many goodies!!

Amazon- Creating a registry is a little more difficult here but you do get a goody box as well. You must register for an item in each category they set up and then have someone or yourself purchase at least one item off of your registry. At that point you can then add the amazon baby registry box and check out with it… if it is in stock. I had to wait and wait for it to be back in stock and when I received it .. well it wasn’t my favorite. I received a coconut water drink, granola snack, a few samples of baby lotion and wash, and a baby washcloth. Only thing is you must be a prime member, so if you aren’t sign up for a free trial.


Enfamil and Similac- If you plan on using formula then you should definitely sign up for both of these brands rewards. They send you free formula!!! Enfamil sent me multiple boxes of samples of cans of formula, premade, and individual servings. It was awesome!! Similac has sent me one box of sample cans so far with coupons, which is awesome as well!

Lastly sign up for Everyday families. They are always being promoted on pinterest. You can get all kinds of deals and sometimes samples through them!!


Hope this helps get you some deals, If i find anymore Y’all will be the first to know!

xoxo Erin

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