It’s November!!! Wish List!

Halloween is officially over and I have a tummy ache from all the candy haha. I am so ready for November because it is my son’s first birthday and Thanksgiving. I literally can’t wait! All the food is going to be amazing!! So I am planning a trip during december for 3 weeks and I have been working on a shopping list for some goodies I want to get myself. I thought I would share!

First I want to get a pair of over the knee boots. I think they are so good looking and I would order a pair online but I’m afraid they won’t fit my legs. So definitely gotta try them on!

Next I would like to get a body suit, I think they look so good giving that sleek tucked in look with jeans and shorts.

I do want to get more clothes but I am not sure what exactly. I need more outfits for my instagram photos!

Of course I want to get more makeup and the holidays are sometimes the best times to get makeup because you can get sets! I don’t have anything for sure that I want to pick up but there are some amazing collections coming out from MAC and Morphe and lots more of course.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 1.28.30 PM

What about you guys? What is on your shopping list currently?

xoxo Erin

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