Personalized Cart Review

Hey Friends!!! Today I’m reviewing something a little different on my blog. Personalized Cart is a website that is perfect for finding gifts that can be personalized for all occasions or get yourself something! Click the banner to check things out!                   Personalized Cart

I chose this beautiful watch box for myself and had it personalized with my initials.Facetune_27-03-2018-07-14-49 This particular style I chose has a pull out drawer on the bottom and the top flips up where you can store 4 watches. I love how this turned out, I wasn’t sure what to expect because the prices were so inexpensive. But the watch boxes are constructed well and I love the distressed look the wood has. Facetune_27-03-2018-07-14-08


The top has 4 small pillows to put your watches around to be stored and displayed properly. I also love that I have somewhere to put my phone and glasses at night as well. I keep mine on my nightstand and I really love the look of it. My husband wants to steal it but I kindly remind him that my name is on it.



Facetune_27-03-2018-07-15-24 Personalized Cart is perfect for groomsman’s gifts, new moms and dads, and everything in between. I can’t speak to the quality of every product but if they are on par with this watch box then they should be pretty good!!

Till Next Time,

xoxo Erin

As always, all opinions are 100% my own. I do not make any commission from any purchases made nor was I paid for this post.

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