Baby Deals and Freebies!

Hey friends! I am all about getting deals and who doesn’t love freebies, especially if you are a new mom! There are all kinds of deals you can get as a new mom and by all means you should take advantage. You may discover new products you love and you can start stocking up on things you will definitely need for your bundle of joy. Here are the deals I have found and think are worth it. There are tons of people out there with coupon codes where you can get “free” stuff but you end up paying like 15$ in shipping. These are not those deals. I want better deals! hehe

  1. First off sign up for baby registries. Amazon and Babylist are my favorites. Also sign up for targets registry as well. I haven’t picked up my goodie bag there yet so I don’t have a picture. They are so easy to do, just fill your registry using their guide and redeem the free baby box! I got so many great items including bath items, hat, muslin swaddle, onsie, pacis and more!                                                        img_6099.jpgIMG_6101IMG_5585
  2. Next up sign up for all the formula companies such as enfamil , Gerber, and Similac . With my first son I had planned on breastfeeding but because he had jaundice I had to supplement with formula for a week. Luckily I signed up for these guys and they sent lots of samples! It was definitely worth it. Later on gerber sent me coupons to get 4 free sippie cups!! It was awesome!
  3. The next one is says it’s only available in certain states but I’m pretty sure if you pay the 3 dollars in shipping you can still get it. I’m not 100% sure tho. Check out The Baby Box Company and all you have to do is watch some videos about babies and take a quick quiz to get free goodies. The videos were actually really good and full of information. Definitely worth checking out. Baby Box Co Please ignite that my box is filled with breastfeeding supplies ( which I got all free as well!) but you get this box with a mattress and sheet and samples. It’s perfect for having a safe place for baby to sleep in other rooms besides the crib or if you are low on space.
  4. Love target? I mean who doesn’t? Start a baby registry with them and head to customer service to get your goodie bag! You also get a 15% off coupon when you get close to your due date to gather what is left on your registry!
  5. Check out noobie box! They have amazing boxes for moms that would make a great short term subscription or a gift for another mom. But you can get the first noobie box for free just pay shipping! Here is what I received:
  6. Last for now, check out Just enter all your insurance info and it will give you tons of options if they accept you! I got the Medellin pump in style, my personal fav pump for free as well as about 600 breast milk bags that fit with the kiinde system. I purchased the kiinde gift set for half off from the website as well!! I’m obsessed!

I will continue to search and update this list as I find great deals for new moms or moms with Babies on the way and as I get things in and add pictures!!!

xoxo Erin



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