Week 8 Bumpdate

Things have defintietly starting to change this past week. My nausea is getting worse and worse. The dishwasher makes me vomit. I can’t even explain it. I have to eat the tiniest meals because, again, everything is making me sick. Eating too much and eating too little. It is so annoying and I hate it! I continue to pray it gets better. In the mean time I have ordered some ginger candies that are supposed to help. IMG_6443Here is a photo I took this morning. No belly yet of course, just some bloating and a messy bathroom.

It is definitely harder this time around having a toddler and not having work to distract me. I need to start exercising more and balance my meals. I do go to the doctor next week which is exciting! I will continue to keep you updated. Please leave me comments about any nausea remedies you have! I need them all!

xoxo Erin

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