Week 14 bumpdate!

Second trimester! Hallelujah! My morning sickness is finally going away and my appetite is starting to come back. You have no idea how much I have missed eating haha. My next doctor appointment I should find out what I’m having. I’m so excited. Though I’m pretty sure I’m having a girl, it’s my gut feeling. I’m treating myself to my favorite Cajun place tonight for dinner. I have been trying to get it for weeks! So excited that is finally going down.

I still have gained no weight and just look bloated. I’d rather be starting to show just so I don’t look chunky lol. It’s so weird for your clothes to not fit or look good but you don’t look pregnant. Looking forward to my belly and also excited for the major nutrition changes I’ll be doing to lose weight and get my pre baby body back. I’ll keep you updated and you can join the journey with me if you want!!

In other news I am absolutely in love with the Arbonne products. They work so amazingly and I feel good about using them because they are natural and science based. Can we say #Pure. My skin is really turning around! ErinTrevathan.arbonne.com click here to check out all the amazing products and message me to learn more and save 20%!

Xoxo erin

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