What to Pack in your Diaper Bag

As a mom of a toddler my diaper bag has actually gotten pretty light since the older my little man gets the less he needs! But with a new baby that will soon be here I thought I would re-create my diaper bag checklist!

I recently purchased a new diaper bag off of amazon and I’m so obsessed with it. It is exactly what I was looking for. A backpack style that didn’t look babyish and wasn’t too big.so now that you have your diaper bag here are what you are gonna want to have on hand!

  1. Diapers and wipes! I mean that probably has to be the most important. Your little baby bum can’t sit in a dirty diaper while your out!
  2. Bottles and formula if you aren’t breastfeeding and are going to be out for a while or during eating times.
  3. A Muslin blanket. I am obsessed with these blankets bc they are so versatile. Need a light blanket? A cover for breastfeeding? Something for baby to snuggle or to lay over the car seat to keep out the sun or unwanted hands. This blanket can do it all!
  4. Extra clothes. Blowouts happen, be prepared! Trust me
  5. Toys/Paci. Meltdowns happen and sometimes a distraction is key!
  6. A wet bag is always nice to have Incase of blowouts mentioned before or you just need somewhere to put those dirty/wet clothes. The diaper bag I purchased comes with one!
  7. Lastly have snacks for yourself! I like to keep granola bars or gold fish (toddler fav), along with Arbonne fizz sticks for pick me ups and energy boosts! Fizz sticks are the perfect replacement for coffee, pop, and energy drinks and won’t cause your sugar to spike. Oh and their loaded with b vitamins!This is pretty minimal and basic list. I sometimes will throw in a few extras like bags for dirty diapers and lotion and rash cream. But having multi taskers really helps you from lugging around a super heavy bag!!

Xoxo Erin

Find fix sticks and protein bars here: ErinTrevathan.arbonne.com 💚💚💚💚

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